All the World Is a Stage
Sun. 10/8, 11:00am–12:00pm
PANELISTS: Justin Bolognino, Chief Experience Officer, Meta; Hector Harkness, Associate Director, Punchdrunk International; Jon Sands, Founding Curator, Poets In Unexpected Places; Emilie Baltz, Food Technologist, Experience Designer & Multimedia Artist

MODERATOR: Jacob Marshall, Multimedia Artist & Founder, MAE

Everyone is hungry for experiences: We search for events that make us feel more connected to reality in our digitally dominated landscape. We search for experiences to pull us out, shake up our perceptions, and remind us what it means to be alive. Immersive theater, events, and culinary experiences have provided a much-needed rebooting of the senses. The most effective of these experiences take the audience out of their seats and put them at the center of the action. In this discussion, panelists from many different arenas will discuss their experiences creating immersive, multisensory experiences.