ANNABELLEE as above so below
Annabellee is a multidimensional experience powered by AltSpaceVR that guides the user through different worlds in which they are the lead character. As their journey continues through the 22 paths of the Tree of Life, they discover the Major Arcana Cards. Starting out as The Fool, becoming The Magician is only a matter of time. During their journey, the user experiences the tale across immersive theater, virtual reality, 360, scripted series, and ultimately AI, harnessing the latest technologies available.
Ava Lee Scott
Ava Lee Scott is a performing artist, actress, artistic director, and VR content creator. She created and performed her character in Sleep No More and the children's show Potions and Planting, and performed in over 50 immersive shows between 2011 and 2018. She created and wrote the book and lyrics to Serenade, an immersive musical based on Edgar Allan Poe, and in 2017 she created and performed in Tennessee on Hudson, an immersive show celebrating Tennessee Williams.