From Eric Darnell, the director of Madagascar, comes ASTEROIDS!, the follow-up to the Emmy award–winning VR film INVASION!. Mac and Cheez are back, this time on an interactive deep space experience. Joined by their robot sidekick, Peas, you wait for a chance to prove your worth on a dangerous mission. The chance finally comes when the spaceship is endangered by teeth-gnashing space bugs and careening asteroids. With the others up to their alien eyeballs in trouble, it's your job to save the day! A 2017 Sundance Film Festival Selection, ASTEROIDS! stars Elizabeth Banks as the voice of Cheez.
Eric Darnell
, Baobab Studios
Eric Darnell is chief creative officer and cofounder of Baobab Studios, where he's led their three VR films to date. From the Emmy award–winning INVASION! to ASTEROIDS!, an official 2017 Sundance Film Festival selection, and most recently Rainbow Crow, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, Darnell’s work has been applauded by film festivals globally. He has worked for 25 years as a computer animation director, screenwriter, story artist, film director, and executive producer. He directed and wrote the four films in the Madagascar franchise, which grossed more than $2.5 billion. Darnell earned a Master's Degree in experimental animation from California Institute of the Arts