Between Worlds
The town of Eden Grove has a legend: In the center of a pine forest, there is an aspen grove, and in the center of the aspen grove is an ancient, magnificent tree. A tree that grants wishes.

Mayberry and Marshall have heard the stories about the Wishing Tree, but they know nothing like it could really exist near their dreary town. Misunderstood and restless, the teenagers wish for a lot of things, including being on another planet altogether. Somewhere with magic and adventure—someplace where they can be heroes.
Anomaly Productions
Skip Brittenham is the author of the illustrated YA fantasy novel Between Worlds and cocreator of Shifter and Faster Than Light. He’s worked with many leading animation companies including Pixar, DreamWorks Animation ,and Illumination Entertainment. He’s also a senior partner of Ziffren Brittenham LLP. Brian Haberlin is a comic artist/writer/editor/producer. He’s created noteworthy titles, including Witchblade, Aria, Area 52, and Hellcop. Haberlin was editor in chief of Todd McFarlane Productions and provided art for its flagship title, Spawn. He owns and teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.