Birdly is all about fulfilling one of the longest-held dreams of humankind: to fly like a bird. It is an immersive, full-body installation and research project that explores the experience of being a bird in flight. Unlike a common flight simulator, where you're controlling a machine, Birdly lets you intuitively embody the feeling of being a bird. To evoke this sensation, Birdly mainly relies on sensory-motor coupling and stereoscopic visuals provided by a head-mounted display. It combines extended forms of storytelling with strong visuals and technical precision to create a unique and truly intuitive experience.

Somniacs & Max Rheiner
Birdly® was born in 2013 as a Design Research project at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in Switzerland. Max Rheiner, a media artist and the head of the Interaction Design master programm at ZHdK, led a team of design researchers and master students who worked on visionary concepts and early prototypes related to the dream of flying. Between fall 2013 and spring 2014 Max Rheiner, Fabian Troxler and Thomas Tobler created the first version of the ‘Birdly® Prototype’.

SOMNIACS is dedicated to develop and deliver world class full-body VR experiences based on Swiss Design and Technical Perfection.