Chained: A Victorian Nightmare
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Presented by Madison Wells Media, Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is an immersive theater VR adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol. Step into Victorian-era London, keep the company of ghosts, and confront your own past, present, and future through a bone-chilling journey of self-discovery in this evocative new vision of a classic tale.

This smash hit was so popular in LA that it sold out its five-week run in under 48 hours!

*Please note: This is a 30 minute single-guest experience and only two tickets are available per hour.

Pop Up Overview
MWM Immersive, Here Be Dragons, Justin Denton
MWM Immersive is the immersive division of MWM that produces and distributes VR and AR experiences created by the world’s best storytellers. MWM is a diversified media and entertainment company founded by Emmy Award–winning producer Gigi Pritzker, in partnership with Clint Kisker, that empowers talent to create bespoke storytelling across film, TV, immersive VR/AR content, digital content, and live theater. Chained is executive produced by MWM Immersive’s Ethan Stearns.

Here Be Dragons: Chained is co-produced by Here Be Dragons, an immersive production studio focused on virtual reality content.

Justin Denton: Chained was written and directed by Justin Denton, creator of the immersive Legion experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.