Famous Deaths
Through scent and sound, Famous Deaths re-creates the final moments of two icons just before they died: Whitney Houston and John F. Kennedy. We’re all familiar with the images of JFK’s open car driving slowly through the streets of Dallas, as the president waved happily to the crowd. What must it have been like to be near that car? By removing visual cues, Famous Deaths allows you to experience these short, intimate portraits more intensely: the smell of autumn wind, grass, leather car seats, Jackie Kennedy’s perfume, exhaust fumes—and then, suddenly, those few fatal shots.

Frederik Duerinck, Marcel Van Brakel & Mark Meeuwenoord
, Polymorf
Marcel van Brakel is currently artistic director of the cross-media group Polymorf. He works as independent media designer, playwright, librettist, and film and theater director. He was cofounder of the film collective FlimFilm and worked as a theater director at Het Witte Vuur. Van Brakel is also a lecturer in Multimedia Design, 3D Design, and Performativity in the Department of Communication Media Design at the Avans University of Applied Science in Breda, Netherlands.

Frederik Duerinck is a filmmaker and artist based in Breda, Netherlands. He is lead designer of the award-winning multisensory installation Famous Deaths and is coauthor of the book Sense of Smell. His documentary End of Europe won the Media Art festival in 2003. Frederik is a member of the cross-media group Polymorf.