With Flippaper, you can draw and actually play your very own pinball machine using only paint markers and a simple sheet of paper. No need to be an expert—just use the markers, each of which corresponds to a function (bumper, wall, speed), and sketch whatever crosses your mind. Then, press SCAN and start your game! Through a drawing language based on analog tools, Flippaper brings the virtual and material worlds together.
Jeremie Cortial & Roman Miletitch
Jérémie Cortial is an artist and inventor who often uses drawing as a medium. He is cofounder of the art collective Elshopo, the laboratory for serigraphy. Experimenting at the border of art, entertainment, and DIY, his works are always highly visual and participatory.

Roman Miletitch lives and works in Brussels. A researcher in artificial intelligence, a magician, and a coder emeritus, he enjoys studying meaning and its representation. He dabbles in various fields, often combining them to find inspiration.