Flock: A Holojam Experience
We want to be close, but not too close. We move together, and we stay together. Separation, alignment, and cohesion are the rules that define flocking behavior. Our relationships, our ideas, our biology, and our history are all the natural outcome of these simple rules. Flock is a celebration of nature and of forces that we are but a small part of. The experience begins when you step out of your nest and into the air, joining a flock of fellow birds and following a mother bird. The more aligned you are with the flock, the more joyous and intense your experience will be.

David Lobser
Produced by: Object Normal and Holojam with support from NYU/MRL

Created by: David Lobser
Music by: Tim Fain and Julien Mier

Lead 3D artist: Lily Fang
Code/UX: Christopher Romero
Project Management: Jessica Fiorini


Principals: Ken Perlin, Michael Gold, David Lobser
Team: Sebastian Herscher, Aaron Gaudette, Wenbo Lan, Daniel Zhang

Special Thanks: Peter Kellogg, Scott Garner

David Lobser uses algorithmic, procedural-generation techniques to create lush virtual worlds. He is interested in pushing computer-animated effects into the realm of the biological and imperfect in order to articulate complex feelings and sensations. He has an extensive background in commercial animation and visual effects, has taught animation at Harvard University, and is presently the senior artist in residence at NYU's Media Research Lab.