Free The Night
One of my most poignant childhood memories is of gazing into the night sky with my father. We’d sit in the damp grass late on summer nights, count the shooting stars, and he would map out the constellations and the planets for me. As the years passed, our small town grew too quickly, and the amber glow from strip malls and streetlights eventually erased these celestial wonders. Sadly, we stopped looking up into the heavens together.Wouldn’t it be exhilarating for us all to bring back the stars—to “free the night”—together? This awe-inspiring VR experience once again reveals the unhindered, unobstructed night sky that my father and I loved so much.

Created and directed by Nicole McDonald in partnership with Jaunt Studios
Nicole McDonald
Nicole McDonald is an award-winning artist and director who creates extraordinary ways to view narratives. She was first inspired to crack the interactive story code at Warren Spector’s famed Looking Glass Studios, where she worked as a game designer and 3D modeler. This same passion for technology as a creative tool has led her to create award-winning interactive experiences for brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Toyota, Dove, Motorola, and Volkswagen. Leveraging new and emerging technologies as the creative tools, McDonald’s passionate vision is to seek out innovative ways for viewers to experience narrative as active participants.