Future of VR
Fri. 10/6, 2:00pm–3:00pm
PANELISTS: Daryl Atkins, Executive Creative Director, REWIND; Cortney Harding, Founder & CEO, Friends With Holograms; Richard Marks, Head of PlayStation, Magic Lab; Jan Pinkava, Creative Director, Spotlight Stories, Google/ATAP; René Pinnell, CEO & Founder, Kaleidoscope

MODERATOR: Dan Tucker, Curator of Alternate

Virtual Reality has had a meteoric explosion into the world. But are we going to see it go the way of the 3D TV? Will cost-prohibitive headsets stunt its growth? Or could VR content actually become a viable commodity like its cousins in the film and gaming worlds? Come hear from creators, funders, and studios in this field and find out what the next few years have in store.