Harlem Drops and Central Park Drops
AudioDrops is a dynamic, social playlist that lives in the real places you go every day. Think Pokémon Go, but for music. It introduces a new and delightful way to experience the world and enables anyone to discover sounds anywhere. Imagine a soundtrack to accompany a visit to a sculpture garden, a morning soundtrack provided by your coffee shop, or a marathon in which inspirational messages are installed at mile markers. It's content that's relevant to where you are in that moment. In these two experiences, you'll discover stories about Harlem and Central Park by taking an Audio Walk featuring music and spoken word relevant to each place. The sounds are triggered in real time as you walk around. Bring headphones!

AudioDrops was created by longtime music-tech veteran Seth Hillinger. Originally, Hillinger was creating a Soundcloud x Foursquare mash-up, but, with the advance of augmented reality technology, he realized AudioDrops's potential for narrative. He hopes it will encourage people to explore and connect with their neighborhoods and communities in delightful new ways.