Home: VR Spacewalk
Throw yourself into the void 250 miles above Earth in this award winning VR spacewalk inspired by NASA's training programme and the astonishing experiences of its astronauts.

Home’s ambition as a piece of VR is to combine a strong narrative and sense of drama with the incredible impact possible in an immersive experience to encourage and enhance the public’s interest in space. It puts you at the centre of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey whilst delivering beautiful, heart-stopping and memorable moments.

REWIND collaborated with the BBC Science, BBC Learning & BBC Digital Storytelling to create an epic 15-minute immersive VR experience. The experience is developed in Unreal Engine 4 to push at the highest possible visual fidelity and is accompanied with treated, spatial audio. The team worked with script writer Marco Crivellari to develop the narrative and consulted with ESA experts and Astronauts to understand more about the reality of life in space.

To make the experience as realistic and immersive as possible, the team explored beyond just VR headsets & hand controllers. Bluetooth heart rate monitors were integrated - recreating the sound of your own heartbeat - and combined with an integrated live mic which relayed the sound of your own breathing. The ambient sound is spatial and creates the claustrophobia of the astronaut’s helmet and the unnerving sounds of your own body and your space suit's life support system. A gaming chair is also used to provide haptic feedback and to increase the level of immersion. Finally for selected live viewings we incorporate a live Voice Actor who plays a key role and is able to personalize and ad-lib on the script, conversing with the player.

Tom Burton, BBC R&D & REWIND
Tom Burton is a digital creative and technologist specializing in innovation with 20 years of experience in the digital industry. He currently leads interactive and technology for BBC Studios and their digital innovation team. Burton has been working across the BBC in VR, advising on strategy and leading initiatives with global parters, as well as being the director and mastermind behind the award-winning Home: Spacewalk Experience.

REWIND is an an award winning tribe of vibrant creative technologists and digital artists. The team is focused on harnessing immersive technologies to deliver groundbreaking VR, AR, Animation, DOOH, VFX and 360 degree video projects for some of the world's largest companies and brands including the BBC, NBC, Nike, Sony, Red Bull, Rolls-Royce and Björk.