Hooke Audio
Hooke Audio designs and builds smartphone-compatible Bluetooth binaural microphones and is the go-to 3D audio platform for storytellers.

Unlike other microphones and VR sound systems, Hooke Audio products are portable, wireless, and pair with any DSLR, GoPro, portable camera, Android, or iPhone at an affordable price.

For audiophiles and the visually impaired who want better sound for their home videos, and musicians, journalists, and filmmakers who demand high-end audio for their podcasts, albums, and films, Hooke makes it easy to record professional-grade 3D audio at home, in the studio, and on the go.
Anthony Mattana & Nick Bonnar
Hooke Audio was founded in 2014 by musician and Broadway sound designer Anthony Mattana. It is in live theater where Mattana first discovered immersive audio. He believes we can be just as creative with sound as we are with photo and video on our smartphones. His goal is to bring the future of audio away from professional markets and into the hands of consumers so that everyone can have the ability to change the way they record the world. Sound recording is due for an upgrade; Mattana is fascinated by all avenues that explore this.