Igloo Vision Experiences
Human Soundscapes
Composer and installation artist Gary Gunn films private sittings with an eclectic mix of subjects in a pursuit to transform their inner nature into personalized musical portraits.

The Journey
This 360 documentary dome experience traces the journey through childhood in three of the toughest environments on Earth.
24.1 speaker system designed by Axel Drioli and sponsored by KEF Audio

Merger is a story about the future of work from cult director/designer Keiichi Matsuda, set against the backdrop of AI-run corporations.

The Real Thing
A 360 journey into a copy of our world, exploring real-life story inside China's replicas of Paris, Venice and London.

The Vatican
A spiritual meditation from the heart of the Vatican, following the pilgrimage of Saint Philip Neri.
igloo Vision
Igloo was established in 2007 by a group of technically minded dance music enthusiasts who wanted to create the ultimate party venue. When they took their new creation out on the music festival circuit, it began attracting plenty of attention. As they had suspected, it did make for a perfect party venue. Moreover, festivalgoers with a corporate background saw many potential use cases, while those with a technical background were intrigued by how Igloo had managed to put the whole thing together. With offices in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, Igloo now works with many of the world's biggest brands.