In My Shoes: Intimacy
In My Shoes: Intimacy is a 360 first-person documentary experience that explores the power of human connection. Designed for two people, it allows participants to experience three encounters from six very different perspectives. Set on a sofa, it tells the stories of two strangers, two comrades, and two lovers. Through eye contact and touch, Intimacy explores the different meanings and forms of human intimacy.

Co-presented by Sheffield Doc Fest
Jane Gauntlett
Jane Gauntlett is a storyteller with 10 years of experience working in theater, interactive theater, gaming, and film. She is the founder of the In My Shoes Project. Her focus is on narrative, and her work explores using technology as a way to intensify audience experience. In 2009, Gauntlett began working with audio technology and video goggles (Vuzix) and has gone on to design experiences for Oculus DK2 and Samsung Gear. She is an artist in residence at the Watershed Pervasive Media Studio and has worked with companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Unlimited, and Complicite.