Ko'Ko's Curse
Ko’Ko the Burrowing Owl is the sacred God of Death. Commonly named the “Watcher of the Dark,” he protects the underworld, the seeds, and the plants. One day, a feather from Ko’Ko’s plumage is stolen and he is turned into a statue, causing the plants and trees to stop growing. The user has to find the feather and place it back on Ko’Ko before the last branch dies in the ancient forest. In this interactive story narrated by iconic actor and activist Peter Coyote, the augmented reality environment reacts to the physical presence of the player. The frontier between the virtual and the real world is almost indistinguishable.
Apelab is a VR studio based in Geneva Switzerland and Los Angeles. It was founded in 2014 in Geneva. In 2015, a business unit was also opened in Los Angeles. Its transdisciplinary team works on amazing VR/AR projects and shapes immersive worlds and playful adventures. Apelab is dedicated to bringing high-quality immersive content to everyone through their SpatialStories platform. The Digital Lab of RTS explores the intersection of new technologies and media to experiment how we deliver interactive content to mass audiences.