Living Stories: Augmented Narratives
Sun. 10/8, 12:30pm–1:30pm
PANELISTS: Angus Kneale, Chief Creative Officer, The Mill; Alex Jenkins, Creative Director, Interactive Arts, Nexus; Justin Denton, Techincal Creative Director, Here be Dragons; Zach Lieberman, Artist, School for Poetic Computation

MODERATOR: Jeremy Boxer, Creative Producer, Future of StoryTelling

With Apple's announcement of ARKit and the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon Go, augmented reality is definitely becoming a public reality. Today, AR is set to have a potentially larger user base than its cousin, VR. By breaking through the screen and into the real world, AR brings a new perspective to the actual environment around us. The next 12 months will see a massive growth in the AR world. Come meet some of the creators and producers who are on the forefront of AR, and hear from them about the opportunities and challenges of this new platform.