Loop is a digital, gamelike experience that lets you explore, deconstruct and alter virtual worlds. As you walk through the virtual world, you are confronted with scenes and surroundings that reference real objects and sceneries. By interacting with the world in different ways, you change the pieces of code the simulations run on. The game can be seen as a tool for editing digital worlds, with the code editor coming directly from within the virtual experience.

Stefan Wagner
, andsynchrony
Stefan Wagner (andsynchrony) is an interaction and motion designer located in Würzburg, Germany, originating from a small upper-franconian town called Bamberg. He holds a Master of Arts in Information Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design. Stefan likes to experiment with media and technology in order to find new ways of making complex ‘things’ accessible to people, give them an understanding about topics hard to grasp or insights they normally might not have. For that purpose, he creates interactive pieces that focus on explaining certain topics, often related to technology and our daily use of it. His tools of the trade are graphics and 3d software as well as creative coding environments like the Processing IDE (Java) or openFrameworks (C++), but also game engines like Unity3D and the Unreal Engine. He likes to tinker with WebGL by using Javascript & the Three.js library and native OpenGL & GLSL. Being an autodidact, he learns and utilizes basically any tool that fits the needs to tell a story the right way.