Notes To My Father
Notes to My Father is a story of love, grief, and reconciliation between a survivor of child trafficking and her father. Flooded by past memories of an adolescence spent in an Indian brothel, Ramadevi pens a letter to her father, who played a role in his daughter’s ordeal. It's is a VR experience that uses a mix of verbatim theater and documentary storytelling techniques and is the world’s first live-capture VR experience about sex trafficking. It was created as part of Oculus's VR for Good Creators Lab.
Jayisha Patel
Jayisha Patel is an award-winning filmmaker whose films have premiered at festivals such as Berlin International Film Festival, and the New York and LA Film festivals, among others. Her first short documentary, A Paradise, was nominated for over 36 international prizes and promoted by the British Council as exemplary British filmmaking. She is the 2015 recipient of the Hot Docs International Film Festival’s Cross Currents Fund and Fellowship for her interactive documentary, Circle. Patel's works focus on daring, bold, and underreported subjects in a delicate and respectful manner. Notes to My Father is her first VR film.