Old Bones
Old Bones is an immersive, augmented reality, three-act play that borrows from podplays, video walks, and Russian folklore to create an immersive theater-for-one experience that happens throughout the city and in your own apartment. Act One is a podplay. You must take it into your bathroom, at night, in the dark, and follow Baba Yaga's instructions if you're ever going to find her. Act Two is a video walk through Prospect Park. Follow the video, follow her voice, and come to Baba Yaga. Act Three is a special surprise. You'll need to call in advance to schedule a time. And you'll need to come visit‹and stay for a little while.

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AntiMatter Collective
For five years, AntiMatter Collective has created plays that break the rules for how, where, and what theater is and can be.

AntiMatter's work is frequently site-specific and immersive. The Tower, by cofounder Adam Scott Mazer, installed Donor Lake Park in HERE Arts and featured holodeck-style wall-to-wall projections. It was one of Theater in the Now's ""Best 5 Shows of 2015."" Sixsixsix by Gregory S. Moss, was first staged in a hotel suite in Prague, and then as a black mass in a 40,000 square-foot warehouse (Magic FutureBox). It was a Flavorpill and NYTheatre.com Critic's Pick.

With cofounder Adam Scott Mazer, AntiMatter has developed the blood-soaked zombie western DEATH VALLEY (Backstage, NYTheatre.com, and Flavorpill Critic's Pick), the apocalyptic sci-fi Motherboard (iO9 and Tor.com Pick), and The Tower.