Peroration 6
Peroration 6 VR is a 4D immersive music experience set in the middle of the iconic Utah desert. Performed by London electronic music's most forward-thinking talents, Sam Shepherd and his Floating Points band, this mesmerizing music performance will take you on a journey that will unleash both natural and supernatural elements.
Produced by Collective Hallucinations & Residency Content
Fabien Coupez, cofounder of Collective Hallucinations, is a trained Visual Artist and Creative Director. He lives in Brooklyn and draws inspiration from Greek mythology, Nietzsche, and especially music. With VR, he has found the ultimate tool to tell stories that deeply immerse the viewer into the emotion of music.

With his Engineering and VIsual Effects background, Yannick Leblanc allows Collective Hallucinations to be on the forefront when it comes to VR production and post-production tools and engineering haptic installations. When not behind an electronics workbench or a computer, he can be found flying his wingsuit in the blue skies.