Phallaina is the first scrolling graphic novel, telling a story of personal transformation while combining cognitive science and mythology. Comprised of a succession of drawings of different scales that blend into one another through the use of graphic transformations and compositional tricks, it offers a one-of-a-kind reading experience.
Marietta Ren & Small Bang
Founded by Pierre Cattan in 2012, Small Bang creates multiplatform experiences which connect the physical and the digital worlds. From the participative science app': BirdLab (National Natural History Museum, 2014) to the cinewalks of Cinemacity (Arte, 2013), and from the physical fresco and the « scrolling graphic novel » of Phallaina (Nouvelles écritures France Télévisions, 2016) to the documentary game Seasons: Morphosis (Nouvelles écritures - France Télévisions, 2015), the Small Bang team members explore new forms of spatialized narratives.