Redefining Identity through the Lens of the Media
Fri. 10/6, 1230pm–1:30pm
PANELISTS: Wendy Calhoun, Writer & Producer, Empire, Nashville, Justified; Jose Antonio Vargas, Founder & CEO, Define American; Kay Wilson Stallings, SVP, Creative Development, Sesame Workshop; Joe Lewis, Head of Comedy, Drama & VR, Amazon Studios

MODERATOR: Joe Hall, Founder & President, Ghetto Film School

Media shapes our perspective more than we may be aware. It has also in the past shaped and defined stereotypes that for a long time may have been ingrained in our vernacular. However, storytelling through media has an incredibly powerful way to redefine identity by inspiring empathy and understanding. Hear from the creators on the front lines who are thinking about how to use media to reshape our view of identity.