Resistance of Honey
Step inside the world of Bioni Samp, an urban beekeeper who makes honey - and music - from his bees. This immersive 360 profile takes you deep inside the beehive. Peter Boyd Maclean's film uses cinematic narrative conventions with immersive sound and vision in order to intensify the experience of becoming fully immersed in the story. It breaks new ground in constructing 360 sequences and close ups without using fades and particularly using sound to create a more immersive environment.

Peter Boyd Maclean & Zillah Watson
, BBC Research and Development,
Peter Boyd Maclean and Zillah Watson have created a series of films to showcase the possibilities of 360-degree immersive storytelling.

Peter Boyd Maclean, a filmmaker and video artist, has directed a broad range of genres, including documentaries, arts programs, music videos, animation, and comedy.

Zillah Watson has pioneered VR and 360-degree immersive content for the BBC. A former current affairs producer and head of editorial standards for BBC Radio 4, she is now editorial lead of BBC Research and Development.