RIOT 2.0
Using facial recognition technology as a navigation device, RIOT 2.0 takes you on a personalized journey through the fringes of a protest-turned-riot, in which your emotional responses to the situations you encounter and the characters you meet will determine your fate. It combines technical and creative innovation by integrating various software platforms into a receptive storytelling experience in which the player's emotional state is the remote-control for the story.
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer is an award-winning filmmaker working with new forms of technology. She is the creator of RIOT, an emotionally responsive, live-action film that uses AI and machine learning through facial recognition to allow viewers to navigate though a dangerous riot. RIOT been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art Peru, the Future of StoryTelling Festival, and the Festival of the Mind Sheffield. The project has been featured in global publications ranging from The Guardian and NBC to the New York Times. The next RIOT iteration will be exhibited at the V&A Museum and FoST 2017.

Palmer is a regular public speaker at events including TEDx Australia, the Google Cultural Institute Paris, the Art and Machine Learning Global Summit, and the Games for Change Festival.