S.E.N.S. is the first video game ever to adapt a graphic novel into virtual reality. You are lost in a graphic maze, with only arrows in multiple forms to help you find your way. Where will they lead? Beyond limits‹even yours.

Inspired by Marc Antoine Mathieu's book of the same name, game designers Charles Ayats and Armand Lemarchand have created a unique experience that uses virtual reality to question video games' and comics books' old codes.
Red Corner & Arte with Charles Ayats, Armand Lemarchand & Marc Antoine Mathieu
S.E.N.S is a co-production by French audiovisual creative studio Red Corner and the public European TV network ARTE.

Red Corner is an indie production company which designs creative and digital projects. Their aim is to offer experiences which trigger curiosity for the largest number of people.

The team behind S.E.N.S is a very diversified group composed by talented and passionate people.