Scary Cabin
Mashi, our AI screenwriter, is learning how to make animated movies and needs your help. Scary Cabin by MashUp Machine introduces a new kind of entertainment experience, where budding creators collaborate with a learning AI to make quirky animated horror movies. Through a simple multiple-choice interface, Mashi is learning details of plot, dialogue, and cinematography, at the same time as offering collaborators a chance to tell stories of their own. The result is part choose your own adventure, part movie creation, and part SkyNet.
MashUp Machine Team
MashUp Machine was founded by Ben Cole and Chris Sjoholm, veterans of the film and gaming industriesColeis an Academy Sci-Tech Award–winning technologist, and previously North American head of software for MPC Film, one of the world's largest visual effects companies. Sjoholm is an award-winning creative director, VFX supervisor, and producer whose career straddles both visual effects and games, and includes some of EA and Activision's most successful franchises. The MashUp Machine team brings together diverse talent from the film, game, and AI communities.