Sensing Reality
Sun. 10/8, 2:00pm–3:00pm
PANELISTS: Beau Lotto, Neuroscientist, Founder & Ceo, Ripple & Lab Of Misfits; Jacob Marshall, Multimedia Artist & Founder, MAE; Barnaby Steel, Cofounder & Daydreamer, Marshmallow Laser Feast

MODERATOR: Charles Melcher, Founder & Director, Future Of StoryTelling

We perceive the world through the sum of our senses; our perception of reality is our brain's best guess based on sensory input. But what if your senses get crossed through a condition called synesthesia, where you can taste color, or smell numbers? Or what happens when we add technology to the equation? New technologies such as AR and VR enable us to create new realities that either augment our senses or put us in the shoes of someone who may have lost one, giving us a new perception of reality. Come hear from technologists, neuroscientists, and artists working in this fascinating field.