Smellwalk: Staten Island
Smellwalk: Staten Island is part 4 of a long-term New York City Smellmapping project.During this 45-minute smellwalk, you’ll divert your normal sensory order and learn to collect information through your nose. You’ll be charged with detecting and describing 12 smells in Snug Harbor using a variety of techniques to visualise them.

This noses- and hands-on activity generates a collectively perceived and contested smellmap of the local area, inviting discussion as to the nature of difference and the importance of context in the human-perceived smellscape.
Kate McLean
Kate McLean is the olfactory (smelly) equivalent of a visionary in practices of smellmapping and smellwalking. McLean researches how the smellscape might be rendered ‘“eye-visible,” creating smell maps of cities from Kiev to Singapore; momentary captures of the smellworld; and an archive of urban whiffs and aromas. Her maps are held in the National Library of Scotland’s permanent collection.

McLean works with groups (BBC, NYCDOT, and everyday folk) interested in using sensory activity as a way to uncover seemingly hidden worlds. She is program director for Graphic Design at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK specializing in humanist data visualization.