SUBPAC 'Physical Audio' for the Deaf and Hearing
UK electronic music pioneer Darin McFadyen, known professionally as DJ FreQ Nasty, plays the first-ever DJ set made for the deaf community and people who hear—made possible by the inclusive SUBPAC Physical Audio technology. The SUBPAC team has worked with many of the world's top music producers, from hip-hop/pop legend Timbaland to the underground inventors of the dubstep and EDM genres in the UK, such as Kode 9 and DJ Pinch, to create a world first: a body of musical works that can equally be appreciated by those who are deaf and those who hear. With an emphasis on the feeling of music, SUBPAC's extended bottom-end range exists below the hearing range in the felt physical dimension of sound, creating a unique and impactful way to experience an embodied musical narrative that can be enjoyed by all. Be prepared for full-body immersion into sound and music.
Darin McFadyen (AKA DJ FreQ Nasty)
Darin McFadyen, known professionally as FreQ Nasty, is an Internationally renowned music producer and DJ and a pioneer of the breakbeat and bass music movements. He has collaborated with Bassnectar, Santigold, Fatboy Slim, Kelis, KRS One, and Roots Manuva. He is also an extensively trained meditation teacher who finds time to lead music-based meditation and sound healing experiences around the globe, including at Burning Man, where he is one of the festival’s most loved DJs. A key figure in the development of the SUBPAC technology, he considers music and sound to be a universal instrument of healing and connection.