Somewhere in a filing cabinet in Delaware or Indiana, there is a chart that breaks down how long we're expected to live. Most of us will never see it. But what if your job was to update these charts, to record the beginnings and ends of thousands of lives? What if you found your own name in that file? Sarah Jane Tully, a 50-year-old actuary, is taking her first vacation in years, and you've been hired to take her place. Temping, the strange and comic tale of an employee's inner life, is performed for an audience of one by a Windows PC, a corporate phone, a laser printer, and the Microsoft Office Suite. Filling in at Sarah Jane's cubicle, you'll update client records, send emails, and eavesdrop on intra-office romance. Each performance is unique, depending on which tasks you accomplish and which of your co-workers you decide to trust. Contrasting the anonymity of an Excel spreadsheet with furtive moments of human intimacy, Temping brings you deep into the heart of corporate America. Congratulations, you're the new temp! Get ready to work.

Wolf 359 with Michael Yates Crowley, Michael Rau & Asa Wember
Wolf 359 is a New York City–based company of narrative technologists. Since the company's founding in 2007 by Michael Yates Crowley and Michael Rau, Wolf 359's work has been shown in Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Chicago, and many other cities and city-states. In New York City, its work has been seen at Lincoln Center, Joe's Pub/The Public Theater, PS 122, 59E59, Ars Nova, 3LD, HERE Arts Center, and Dixon Place.