The Boy with His Head Stuck in a Book
The Boy with His Head Stuck in a Book is an AR-enabled interactive digital pop-up book created to inspire a love of reading. An ordinary boy is dragged to the library one mundane Saturday afternoon, much to his dismay; there are a million other things he'd rather be doing! Glumly traipsing up and down the aisles, he comes across an ancient, mysterious book with a mind of its own, and when his head becomes trapped within the pages, he is catapulted into a magical world filled with dinosaurs, dragons, pirates, and ghosts.
Zappar, Anna Broadhurst & Frankie O'Reilly
Frankie O'Reilly professional qualifications fused into a passion for bridging literature and technology, which led her to develop The Boy with His Head Stuck In a Book into an augmented reality project with her talented illustrator, Anna Broadhurst. The book was met with much anticipation and has been celebrated in numerous publications, including Tech and Learning, The Times Educational Supplement, Gadget Explained, and Tech Addicts.