The City as Set: Immersive Storytelling in New York City
The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment presents a free panel on Immersive Storytelling in New York City. Panelists from the worlds of theater, advertising, publishing, technology, and improv will highlight the importantance of cross-pollinating different disciplines, how you can use the world as your stage, and why NYC is the best place in the world for crafting immersive storytelling experiences.

10/9, 11:30-12:30
Kai Falkenberg (Moderator) - First Deputy Commissioner, MOME
Media and internet expert specializing in the intersection of law, policy, media and the digital economy. Currently, First Deputy Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment.

Previously general counsel and senior exec with over fifteen years of experience providing strategic counsel to media, technology, non-profits and e-commerce companies. Lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School. Has published numerous articles and op-eds on policy-related issues and appeared regularly as an on-air commentator.

Nathan Austin - Cofounder, Sextantworks
N.D. Austin is an experience designer and expedition leader who creates ephemeral euphoric experiences in unconventional locations. His New York exploits have included a safari into the decommissioned Domino Sugar refinery in Brooklyn, an underground dance infiltration in the fabled Roosevelt's Rail Car beneath Grand Central, a punk goodbye party for the Gowanus Batcave, a decommissioned Governor's Island Ferry converted into a private island and art gallery in New York Harbor, and the Night Heron Speakeasy, a bar built inside an abandoned water tower in Chelsea.

Jennifer Blumin - Founder & CEO, Skylight Group
Jennifer Blumin, founder and CEO of Skylight Group -- a nine-person company that sources unique show spaces for designers like Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung and Joseph Altuzarra -- is helping to make that happen.

Blumin and her company specialize in finding unusual spaces in New York City that can be converted into event venues. She focuses on fashion in part, she says, because "fashion is what everyone follows." Typically, she'll introduce a new venue by hosting a show or two during Fashion Week -- lending that venue a certain "coolness" factor -- and then use it to host parties for Fortune 500 companies in other industries throughout the year.

Zach Morris - Co-Director, Third Rail Projects
Zach Morris is co–artistic director of Third Rail Projects and co-creator of the immersive theater hits Then She Fell and The Grand Paradise (NYC), and creator of Sweet & Lucky (Denver). His work has been presented nationally and internationally, and he has had the pleasure of teaching, mentoring, and creating new platforms to support the work of artists both at home and abroad. Morris has been honored with several awards, including being recently named one of the "100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture" by Brooklyn Magazine.

Ryan Uzilevsky - Director, Light Harvest Studio
"Ryan Uzilevsky is an award-winning director and multimedia artist. His work in large-scale video installation has been featured at international art and music festivals, exhibitions, concerts, theaters, and museums such as the Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, the DUMBO Arts Festival, and the VIVID Festival, Sydney.

Uzilevsky's studio practice, under the moniker ""Light Harvest Studio,"" is known internationally for groundbreaking work in large-scale projected environments, augmented reality, and multimedia performance art.

Uzilevsky's background in direction and visual effects for cinema reflects an intimate knowledge of visual storytelling and a firm grasp on technology. These traits enable him to create immersive experiences that touch on complex themes, such as mind/body dualism, lucid dreaming, and chromesthesia."

Joana Vicente - Executive Director, IFP & Made in NY Media Center
Joana Vicente has been the executive director of the IFP and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP since December 2009. Before the IFP, Vicente and her partner, Jason Kliot, produced/executive produced over forty films, including Coffee and Cigarettes, Enron: The Smarted Guys in the Room, and Welcome to the Dollhouse. Vicente cofounded three separate film production entities with Kliot: Open City Films, Blow Up Pictures, and HDNet Films. Vicente graduated from The Catholic University of Portugal with a master's degree in Philosophy and began her career as the press attaché for the Portuguese delegate at the European Parliament.