The Cloud Machine
The Cloud Machine is a large-scale installation containing an audience-generated cloud that speaks and behaves in particular ways, depending on the spectators’ mental state. The theater set itself is designed based on how the mind works, what comes into focus and how it is processed—what is often referred to as Cartesian Theater. This 3D-projected social sculpture combines cinema, theater,and visual art, inspired by the illusionist spectacles and séances of the 19th century. The Cloud Machine is the final part of a trilogy that investigates the audience's role as cocreators of all artistic work.

Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Swedish Arts Council.
With thanks to: Niklas Arnegren, Consulate General of Sweden.
FRM Production
Director Peder Bjurman and composer Leif Jordansson previously created the self-playing theater piece Grow in the Dark (2011) and the temporary museum Archive of Moments (2013). Bjurman is known for his stagings of highly visual theater pieces and has an ongoing collaboration with the Canadian director Robert Lepage. Jordansson is a well-known theater and film music composer in Sweden, Norway, and the UK. He is also the leader of The Great Learning Orchestra, which counts over 100 members and plays improvised music and contemporary composers.