The Dream Collector
An old man and his playful dog live together in a garbage dump, where they spend their days sorting through the trash left behind by others. The objects–-a broken guitar, a torn baseball glove, a deflated soccer ball––are the remnants of people's abandoned dreams. Determined to bring these dreams back to life, the man tinkers away, carefully mending each piece of "garbage" until he can re-gift it to someone who will cherish it.
Pinta Studios
Li Mi is a generalist in animation with experience in multiple fields, including directing, animation, storytelling, and concept art. He was one of the scriptwriters on Monkey King: Hero Is Back, the highest-grossing animated film in the history of Chinese film, and the storyboard artist on Little Door Gods and Tibetan Rock Dog. He is also the director, scriptwriter, and art director of Sent, the first Chinese VR short film, which released on Oculus/Gear VR.