The Horrifically Real Virtuality
The Horrifically Real Virtuality summons the ghosts of Ed Wood, Jr. (allegedly the worst movie director ever) and aging B-movie star Bela Lugosi (the first and legendary onscreen Dracula) as they reunite to shoot their final masterpiece, starring Lugosi as a character with the ability to access a parallel dimension: the Real Virtuality, in which he encounters humanoids from another time and dimension—the audience.
Marie Jourdren
Marie Jourdren is Chief Creative Officer at DVgroup. In 2017, she created and directed Alice, The Virtual Reality Play, the first ever immersive VR play performed in real time by reactive actors. Alice was acclaimed by critics for offering unrivaled levels of immersion and personalization, and for disrupting the viewer’s traditional passive posture, transporting him center stage to become a character in the story. In 2018, Jourdren conceived a new play, The Horrifically Real Virtuality, which further expands on immersion and metafiction mechanisms, exploring different layers of reality.
As a creative director, Jourdren has also designed more than fifty commercials and experiences.