The Quinn Experiments
The Quinn Experiments is a live experience that combines escape-room inspired gamification with a film-like narrative where participants experience total sensory immersion.

The players act as two technicians who are recruited to shut down a rogue Artificial Intelligence system named Quinn after the director of the private laboratory is sealed inside and quickly being deprived of oxygen.

Tasked with saving her before Quinn can escape, the technicians are equipped with smartphone devices and headphones, and must rush to reset Quinn’s systems following an unknown mishap and the sudden disappearance of its lead designer. They soon uncover there is much more going on than initially presumed.

Players are confronted with high stakes choices and forced to re-evaluate which side they want to align with. Each choice they make affects the storyline, challenging who they can trust moving ahead.

Participants will be challenged by the inclusion of tactile elements and multi-sensory experiences that push beyond what has previously been seen in interactive storytelling. The puzzles that the users must solve also keep them fully engaged in the story, as their overall experience will be significantly altered by each decision that they make.

The first act premiered at TriBeCa Interactive Playground 2016, and full experience will be complete early 2017.

Shaun Axani, Marshall Axani & David Hall
, Storyplex
Storyplex is a New York based company that combines immersive narrative storytelling with innovative technology. Participants interact with real, tactile worlds designed specifically for that individual experience, allowing them to engage and connect with a story on an emotional level that's more real than any blockbuster or video game, and more sophisticated than any escape room.

Shaun Axani is a highly sought after creative technologist and grad from ITP at New York University. While there he explored interactive storytelling, mobile development and physical computing, with his thesis project being a teaser for The Quinn Experiment.

Marshall Axani is an ambitious writing and director whose films have screened at some of the most prestigious international festivals, garnering over thirty awards and recognizing him as an up-and-coming talent to watch for in the film and AR community.

David Hall is a media consultant who focuses on large-scale experiential installations, with recent clients including Mazda and the Pan Am Games. He has varied expertise ranging from 3D printing projects to the creation of a web-series on gaming.