To the Bitter End
Dare to fall in love and to lose it.

To the Bitter End is an intimate, analog, two-person experience about the life cycle of a relationship, from the first blush of love to the wrenching, messy end. Players get their own custom card deck containing instructions for actions to take and scenes to play out. By moving through their respective decks together, they hold hands as they build and destroy a romance.

This live experience lasts under an hour, and features an intense ride through a doomed relationship, some physical contact, and a rewarding end.
Bjarke Pedersen and Lizzie Stark
Bjarke Pedersen is the creative director and founder of Participation Design Agency, based in Sweden. Lizzie Stark is a US-based designer and narrative nonfiction author. Together they have a combined thirty years of experience designing and writing intense larps in venues from unfurnished classrooms to historic castles. They first collaborated with one another on Romeo & Juliet: A Larp, created jointly with the Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge in 2015. They have previously presented at FoST, in 2016 and 2017.