Virtual Virtual Reality
In Virtual Virtual Reality, human jobs are a thing of the past. What's left is the VR labor system "Activitude.” Go deeper into the virtual realities of Activitude's past by putting on endless VR headsets in VR; outrun Chaz, the AI overlord, as he attempts to log you out permanently; and along the way, uncover the story of Activitude's evolution from a social VR startup to the "human purpose aggregator” it is today.
Tender Claws
Tender Claws, founded by Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman, is a studio at the intersection of art, tech, and storytelling. Tender Claws's hybrid story app, Pry, was one of Apple's top 25 apps of 2015. Pry was also an Independent Games Festival finalist for Excellence in Narrative and a finalist for the Future of Storytelling Prize. Currently, Virtual, Virtual Reality, a VR game about VR made with support from Daydream VR, has been nominated for Best Game in Unity's Vision Awards and won the award for Best VR Experience at the Google Play Awards. Tender Claws is based in Los Angeles.