Wolves in the Walls
Described by The Verge as “a virtual friendship wrapped in a detective story,” Wolves in the Walls is a charming and heartwarming VR experience.

Not everything is at it seems when eight-year old Lucy’s imagination proves to be a reality. Based on the work by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, Wolves in the Walls transports you into the magic of virtual reality cinema, where only you can help Lucy discover what’s truly hiding inside the walls of her house.
Fable Studio, Pete Billington, Jessica Shamash
Fable creates ongoing character/audience relationships that focus on memory and natural, intuitive interactions.

Pete Billington is a director, writer, artist, and immersive storyteller. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to learn from the most progressive and technically daring filmmakers of our time. These diverse experiences converged toward a single path with virtual reality. He now explores how to emotionally bond with the audience through interaction, innovation, and a little magic. Wolves in the Walls is his directorial debut.

Jessica Shamash began her career within the storied walls of Pixar, immersed in the artistry and magic of the acclaimed Academy Award–winning studio. A natural-born storyteller, her curiosity brought her to Oculus Story Studio, Facebook’s in-house VR lab, where she helped to pioneer the future of immersive narratives.

Awards: Official 2018 Sundance Selection
Additional Press: Variety, The Verge