Zero Days VR
Based on the Oscar short-listed Participant Media documentary Zero Days, Zero Days VR explores the next chapter of modern warfare through the true story of Stuxnet: the first cyber weapon in the world known to cause real-world physical damage. Audiences experience the invisible world of cyber warfare through the perspective of the virus on a clandestine mission hatched by the United States and Israel to sabotage an underground Iranian nuclear facility. Zero Days VR highlights how this digital threat is closer to home than we realize, representing a new chapter in modern warfare.
Scatter Production with Yasmin Elayat
Scatter is an immersive media studio pioneering an exciting new genre of immersive media called volumetric filmmaking. The studio combines the dynamics of real-time game engines with the craft and sensibility of filmmaking. They translate the world around us—real stories, real places, real people—through the creative use of technology to create immersive experiences. Their mission is to elevate the stories most relevant to our lives across physical, virtual, and digital spaces to foster critical dialogue and evoke emotive experiences.