Colum McCann & Lisa Consiglio
Narrative 4
Learn to be vulnerable and respectful through Narrative 4’s trademark story exchange.

Colum McCann is the best-selling author of Let the Great World Spin, and the president and cofounder the nonprofit global story exchange organization Narrative 4.

Lisa Consiglio is executive director and cofounder of Narrative 4, which seeks to build a community of empathic global citizens who improve the world through the exchange of personal narratives. For the past twenty-five years, Consiglio has dedicated her career to developing powerful organizations that transform the lives of their clients and constituencies. She has applied her leadership skills to a wide web of organizations that are connected by a dedication to humanistic ideals. Her professional experience spans the arts, cancer research, public policy, and honoring WWII veterans. Deeply committed to her belief in the power of stories, she led the Aspen Writers’ Foundation for nine years and exponentially expanded its budget and programs in an effort to provoke thought, broaden perspectives, foster connections, and inspire creativity through literature.
Better Together: Real Stories and Real People Building Real Empathy

Learn to be vulnerable and be respectful with, the global organization Narrative 4. This workshop engages participants in its trademark story exchange built on two of the simplest and most powerful things we can do as humans: share a personal story from our own lives, and step into someone else's. The session will end with a discussion of practical ways to apply this effective empathy-building method in a world that surely needs it.