MAE & Tim Fain
MAE—(m)ultisensory (a)esthetic (e)xperience—is an ever-evolving music and art project formed in 2001 in Norfolk, Virginia. With a critically acclaimed career spanning over 1,600 concerts on four continents and seven studio albums selling in excess of 500,000, MAE consistently delivers emotionally-driven cinematic soundscapes. Born out of funded academic research on the relationship between color and sound, MAE uses artfully crafted music as a means of expanding the concept of harmony to include other sensory languages, and of placing listeners inside an art experience for the whole body.

Tim Fain is a world-renowned violinist whose innovative approach has captivated both the music and film scene. Fain has pushed the envelope of his field, emerging as a collaborative artist who weaves cutting-edge technological trends into musical presentation. Fain's work has been featured in the films Black Swan and 12 Years a Slave, and he frequently tours throughout the world with composer Philip Glass as a duo partner. He has also collaborated with artists including Pinchas Zukerman, Benjamin Millepied, Bryce Dessner, Rob Thomas, and Iggy Pop. His acclaimed multimedia evening, PORTALS, premiered to sold-out audiences across both coasts and beyond. In the fall of 2015, Fain collaborated with Google on a virtual-reality music video for his song "Resonance," which introduced 360º stereoscopic VR capability for YouTube to the world and was recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival.
About the performance: “Light” by MAE featuring Tim Fain and VR by David Lobser

The fusion of light and sound has been the inspiration behind many great leaps in the arts. From primeval fireside song and Kandinsky to Fantasia and the iTunes visualizer, humankind is innately enthralled by the mysterious dance between music and color. Science has now caught up with this instinctive fascination, making this fusion possible. “Light” is a collaboration between top-tier talent from multiple disciplines— including the fields of virtual reality, music, engineering, and animation—to create a first-of-its-kind live-synced VR concert experience that artistically visualizes sound in real time.