Shimon Robot
Shimon is an improvising robotic marimba player that uses artificial intelligence to improvise with human musicians, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes. Real-time collaboration between human and computer-based players can capitalize on the combination of their unique strengths to produce new and compelling music.

Gil Weinberg is a professor and the founding director of Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, where he leads the Robotic Musicianship group. His research focuses on developing artificial creativity and musical expression for robots and augmented humans. Examples of the projects Weinberg has overseen include Shimon pand a prosthetic robotic arm for amputees that restores and enhances human drumming abilities.

Mason Bretan is a PhD candidate of Music Technology and a member of Gil Weinberg's Robotic Musicianship Group. He is the primary developer and researcher for the Shimon, Shimi, and drumming prosthesis platforms. Bretan's research focuses on how to create robotic systems that are capable of meaningful musical interactions by designing sophisticated machine intelligence and robotic motion-planning algorithms.