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MAE & Tim Fain
MAE—(m)ultisensory (a)esthetic (e)xperience—is an ever-evolving music and art project formed in 2001 in Norfolk, Virginia. With a critically acclaimed career spanning over 1,600 concerts on four continents and seven studio albums selling in excess of 500,000, MAE consistently delivers emotionally-driven cinematic soundscapes. Born out of funded academic research on the relationship between color and sound, MAE uses artfully crafted music as a means of expanding the concept of harmony to include other sensory languages, and of placing listeners inside an art experience for the whole body.

Tim Fain is a world-renowned violinist whose innovative approach has captivated both the music and film scene. Fain has pushed the envelope of his field, emerging as a collaborative artist that weaves cutting edge technological trends into musical presentation.

Andrew Nemr & The Google Tilt Brush Team
Legendary tap dancer Andrew Nemr will tap up a visual storm using Tilt Brush and their new audio reactive brushes.

Mentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew Nemr is considered one of the most diverse tap dance artists today. An international performer, choreographer, educator, and speaker, Nemr’s work explores tap dance as a vehicle for storytelling and community building. He has played with Grammy Award–winning musicians across multiple genres, founded and directed the tap dance company Cats Paying Dues, and cofounded the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc. (along with Hines).

B.E.A.T. featuring Kaila Mullady and Y?
Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT) works to educate and empower both students and artists through programs of creative self-expression that include music, dance, and performance art.

Kaila Mullady is an NYC–based performer. She is the head director of BEAT Global's Beat Rocker program, where she created and pioneered a speech therapy and beatboxing curriculum while working with blind and mentally handicapped populations.

NYC–based musician and actor Mark Martin (aka Mandibul) has been beatboxing since age 13 and is the 2016 Beatrhyme Battle Champion. He is a teaching artist at the Beat Rockers program, which teaches beatboxing as music and speech therapy to the blind at the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx.

Y? (Yogi Guyadin) is an NYC–based artist, audio engineer/producer, and educator. He currently works with BEAT Global, where he instructs the Beat Makers course and has created two programs: Beat Rhymers (a creative/songwriting program for aspiring poets, emcees, and singers) and Beat Band (a live music course in which students compose and produce original music and songs alongside professional musicians).

Monica Bill Barnes
Contemporary Dancer
Monica Bill Barnes & Company is a contemporary American dance company known for bringing dance where it typically doesn't belong.

Malachi Byrd
Crowned the inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of the nation's capital, Byrd is the self-proclaimed first Senator of Washington, DC (Vote Byrd 2032).

Projection Performance
Japanese supergroup enra defies conventions of space, time, gravity, and physics through the seamless synchronization of digital projection and physical movement.

Brooke Gladstone
Reporter, WNYC
Brooke Gladstone is best known for the …pause…that Bob Garfield inserts before mentioning her name in the credits for On the Media.

Kaki King
Composer & Guitarist
Hailed by Rolling Stone as "a genre unto herself," composer and guitarist Kaki King is a true iconoclast.

Shimon Robot
Shimon is an improvising robotic marimba player that uses artificial intelligence to improvise with human musicians, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes. Real-time collaboration between human and computer-based players can capitalize on the combination of their unique strengths to produce new and compelling music.

Gil Weinberg is a professor and the founding director of Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, where he leads the Robotic Musicianship group. His research focuses on developing artificial creativity and musical expression for robots and augmented humans. Examples of the projects Weinberg has overseen include Shimon pand a prosthetic robotic arm for amputees that restores and enhances human drumming abilities.

Mason Bretan is a PhD candidate of Music Technology and a member of Gil Weinberg's Robotic Musicianship Group. He is the primary developer and researcher for the Shimon, Shimi, and drumming prosthesis platforms. Bretan's research focuses on how to create robotic systems that are capable of meaningful musical interactions by designing sophisticated machine intelligence and robotic motion-planning algorithms.

Bill T. Jones
Artistic Director, Dancer & Choreographer
Bill T. Jones, a multi-talented artist, choreographer, dancer, theater director, and writer, has received major honors ranging from the Human Rights Campaign's 2016 Visibility Award, 2013 National Medal of Arts to a 1994 MacArthur "Genius" Award and Kennedy Center Honors in 2010.