Digital Skyscrapers in Augmented Reality
The surface of the world today has been tread on with digital footprints. The information we consume and output, and the networks of data we navigate leave their invisible mark on the world we traverse.

The Detroit of Imagination
Images of Detroit’s urban decay have served to feed the public imagination as a sort of apocalyptic fantasy. Rather than understanding the architectural and spatial decomposition of Detroit as being intimately intertwined with the forces of neoliberal capitalism, the city itself has been exploited to confirm a collective fear of decline. But what about the future of Detroit?

Music and Multimedia
The idea of canonization in relation to the modern climate of digitality and information raises interesting questions about the making of history. Particularly in terms of the music industry, when inundated with content as consumers, how will it be possible to retell the story of music by determining which moments, artists, and movements were emblematic of the times?

Hollywood and the Facade of Inclusion
The rise of creative, original content that is seemingly beginning to reflect the demographics of the audience through casting has led many people to think about diversity in Hollywood. But how far does diversity in entertainment really go? And does our definition of it have to change as content changes?