A Magical Evening at Skylight One Hanson
BY — November 30, -0001

On October 4th, Future of StoryTelling was happy to co-host our VIP party alongside our partner The New York Times, at Skylight One Hanson. The majestic venue housed FoST and The New York Times’ 150 distinguished guests from the worlds of art, media, architecture, technology, music, and business for an exclusive night of dinner and entertainment to celebrate the the fifth-annual FoST Summit and the inaugural FoST Festival.

The night of enchanting entertainment was dreamed up and executed by Houseworld in collaboration with Future of StoryTelling. Created by Andrew Hoepfner and directed by Lilleth Glimcher, the evening’s performances were inspired by and created in conjunction with the space. Originally the headquarters of a bank, the beautiful interiors of One Hanson Place were crafted in the Byzantine-Romanesque style with art deco accents. It’s easy to see how Hoepfner was able to create an immersive experience based around the concept of a “story bank.”

The evening began with actors initiating a bank tour for all the guests as they entered, followed by cocktails in the Skylight space. Guests were led to the bank-teller windows, where clerks then took guests to banking desks set up in the corridors. There, guests were asked to tell their best stories and “deposit” them onto audio-tape recorders. Dinner was curated by the chef and food writer Carolina Santos-Neves and Jeffrey Zurofsky of Convivium.co. As guests dined under the ornamental skies of the grand hall, the best audio stories were selected behind the scenes.

After dinner concluded, speeches were made, and dessert was served, guests were recruited to receive audio story withdrawals in various locations. Some were taken to familiar locations, such as the telephones at the banking desks stationed in the hall, while others were taken on a journey to rooms opened for the first time, such as the main floor vault of One Hanson, where half of the best stories were turned into poems and songs performed in the “Vault of Wonder.”