Call for Exhibits
BY Shannon Fanuko — April 3, 2018
We're excited to announcthat exhibit submissions for the 2018 FoST Summit (Oct. 3 & 4, NYC) are now open! This is our first year of having an open call for exhibits – don't miss your chance to have your work shown before our audience of top influencers, creatives, technologists, and marketers.

We're looking for the latest and greatest in immersive, experiential, and narrative-based content. Projects may include, but are not limited to, web-based films, data-driven art, mobile apps, narrative games, multimedia installations, bio-feedback, multi-modality, augmented-reality and virtual-reality experiences, and other multiplatform projects. Please note that all projects submitted will automatically be considered for the FoST Prize (link), unless otherwise designated.  
To submit your project, click here. The deadline for consideration is June 1 

We look forward to seeing your work!