No Parents, No Rules, All Zombies
BY Karl Daum — October 18, 2021

We all know how the standard zombie film goes: thousands of extras painted in faux rotting flesh chase the survivors of an apocalyptic pandemic in circles. Sure, there’s some nuance as relationships develop between survivors. Maybe there’s even the hint of a cure, or escape. But the tension is written into the genre itself. Every protagonist is ultimately fighting to preserve his or her humanity—it’s either survive, or turn zombie.


And so, with the plethora of zombie films, fiction, etc. consistently churned out thisside of the 21st century, you’d think writers would have run out of novel ideas.

Well, now we’ve got We All Fall Down, a new web series currently being promoted on Kickstarter by the fantasy filmmakers Arrowstorm Entertainment—and it’s pretty original. Zombies, infection—the standard plot drivers are all there. But the twist? Eventually, everyone born into this fictional post-apocalyptic world will turn zombie. It’s just a matter of time.


We All Fall Down follows eighteen-year-old Todd and his younger brother, Benny, as they stumble across a desolate landscape in search of safety. It’s the near future, and an infection has wiped out the adult population. The virus, however, lies dormant in all surviving children until the age of eighteen. Todd, on the verge of turning, must find a home for his brother before it’s too late.

But in a world ruled by children, “life is vicious and short.”


The result is what the filmmakers describe as a cross between Lord of the Flies and The Walking Dead. Violent, tribal children reconstruct civilization with face paint and murder rituals, transforming the zombie apocalypse into an exploration of the innate. In a Hobbesian state of nature, what happens when the qualities we are born with make us both human and, ultimately, zombie?